71 Degrees North V/A DVSM Records (reviewed by Psydog)


Here we go..!

1. Phobium – Calyx 49BPM

A high pitch chord with grasp textures along with some orchestral synths give birth to this mental journey. Summoning the purest form, the unleashed silence of the midnight sun. Mediation is demanded during the absence of light and this track suffices that state of mind. Great to hear from Phobium.

2. Bloomen – Echodroplets 147BPM

Starts with a breakbeat, this track has a groovy well tuned baseline and danceable goa leads, scifi percussion effects and perfect to start warming engines on a trance gathering or just enjoy at home. The track is really original and different.

3. Time for Slime – Apparaterna 145BPM

Horsy, punchy heavy bass line leads this tasty track. Psychedelic leads and breaks during intro, body and conclusion. The bass line turns into a continuous sequence, changing in rhythmic patterns and notes. Long tracks are very rare these days and demand extreme originality, this is one of those, believe me, constantly driving and superb heavy mental leads. Night time madness. Solid rhythm and accurate metrics based on the 32 bit intervals.

4. Zoon-Dreamer 145BPM

I found this track as a very rare piece of music with melodic Goa sounding sequences and goa synths as well with a solid kick and groovy bass line. The main leads are kind of repetitive but expected in this new school Goa stylish music. Melodic track.

5. Scope-Electroll 152BPM

Track starts with human chorus voice effects fading in and out with a powerful low tune bass line loaded with psyleads and cold atmospheres from beginning to end. Dry solid kick and percussions are properly sync with professional equalisation and some really organic leads with bass tuning changes give the track flexibility and perfect orientation. From now and then will keep an ear on this original artist. Pure madness !

6. Itami-Silent Horror 152BPM

The first time I listen to this track, I was like Dammnn! this is freaking serious stuff and hell yeah it is indeed.. Intro starts with a dim bass line kick that fades in and out, panning from side to side, then the kick is completely absent and changing, the cycle repeats again.(believe me the war in my head was already on seriously and this was just getting started)..Letting me to wonder in my confused existence, where is that solid nasty kick I am used to hear from Jigar? After a short break around min 3 Bam! that kick was there heavier and nastier than it ever was. The bass line is clear and solid with that low tuning that makes the earth quake and burst fires from it m/

Obscure atmospheres and scary sounds with clever keyboard chord arrangements and great echo/reverb effects.These Japanese voice samples are simply vicious. I imagine myself as a loose samurai in battle just swinging to death :]. Outstanding production with smart acoustic percussions. This is pure darkness with heavy crazy psy leads, just the way I pick up my dark cream.. raw, powerful, surrealistic unpredictable. Solid metrics in 32 bit intervals perfectly sync with the percussion line . My favourite track , two thumbs up for this darkpsy masterpiece.

7. Terratech – Crystal Cascade 155BPM

The name of the track is completely descriptive. Psychedelic smart and fast leads, really crispy, crystal and clean. Legit changes on the 32 bit intervals changing along with cosmical atmospheres, constant tuned bass line and a kick hard as stone. Love how the track flows towards the end, loaded with forest elements and sounds. Well done!

8. Paranoiac – Peace From Other Space 150BPM

Intro starts up with percussions and interesting changes in BPM before solid kick and bass line kicks in in a devastating pace. Filled with melodic synths with nice reverb effects and human voice samples. Atmospheres sound realistic, plenty of liquid natural sounds.

9. Sundance Kid – Tesla 145BPM

I must say the human voice samples on this one are majestically arranged! Smooth synth arrangements with solid kick and tuned bass line full of creative psychedelic leads and excellent panning effects during all the track.

10. Yggdrasil-Ratatosk 95BPM

Voice samples with excellent filtering and effects creates the intro for this track. Smart percussions with reverb effects with a breakbeat rhythm, psychedelic leads and synths creating a warm atmosphere, really well composed track keeping accuracy and timing on the 4*4 metrics. Sweet changes on the bass line, and a very complete song.The synth melody around 2.30 and further closure, is simply beautiful and well composed.

11. Phobium – Bulb 80BPM

Keyboard and synth arrangements bringing harmony and once again a closure track summoning consciousness embracing a peaceful path to step out and finalise our journey.

Personally I think this collection is very diverse in psychedelic trance music styles with excellent mastering and production, can’t expect less from DVSM. As a darkpsy addict the tracks on this v/a are a must have. I completely dig the other styles as well and the best of all, guess what? No stupid hi-tech bullshit. Keep them coming Alex, my support goes to you and the label and massive thanks for another chance of squeezing my musical thoughts into simple words.

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