Psydog looking for sponsorship to break longest marathon club DJ-ing world Guinness Record.





Got the approval from the Guinness World Records organization to participate breaking the current 200 hours dj Marathon record. Please reply back if you want to participate, help me somehow, join as an sponsor for the event or simply comment about it. Thanks for the support!


Tuve la aprobacion de la organzacion Guinness World Records para participar rompiendo el record de 200 horas dj Marathon. Si desean participar, ayudar o ser patrocinador del evento, hacer reply aca o enviarme un email para coordinar. Gracias por el apoyo!


Dan B.



10 thoughts on “Psydog looking for sponsorship to break longest marathon club DJ-ing world Guinness Record.

    • Saludos zafado, si logro conseguir patrocinadores y todo lo necesario a tiempo, estare rompiendo el record las ultimas dos semanas de Octubre 2017.

  1. Con mucho gusto mi perroooo……maximo nivel. Avisame si ocupas generadores…..mixer pro……o platita para el evento. Es rovira mi tata….apoyo full.

    • Que me dice Robira! tanto tiempo hermano espero que todo este bien. Primero lo que estoy buscando es una radio emisora, club o lugar donde pueda streamear y cronometrar el djset en vivo. Si tenes algun contacto super agradecido!

  2. Respect master!!! thug record to brake, but with effort and focus enoutgh, can be done, it requires the good administration of the body mind and spirit to reach a state that allows u to perform that amount of hours, just some destroyers trainings u know hehe, nothing impossible, and all the good vives for the sponsorship…Blast it!!!

    • You said it bro, energy administration and get used to no sleep is the secret. I am training really hard mentally&physically to bring this record to Costa Rica, EN SUS CARAS! Thanks for the support!

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