Psydog- Inquisition Simphony

First dj set for website inauguration is ready for download (soundcloud*)in 320kbps!

Checkout the music section, feedback is always welcome.. stay high!


9 thoughts on “Psydog- Inquisition Simphony

  1. Hey my friend.. so proud to see you develop your projects and dreams!
    Keep on bringing the CR psytrance scene to the professional level that we all appreciate.
    Post the tracklist for the Inquisition Simphony set!

    As always, you have my full support brother!
    Best vibes

    • Thanks for the kind words and full support always bro, makes me really happy 🙂 !
      Here is the tracklist:

      1 – Digital X – AfterLife
      2 – Digital X- Still Hope
      3 – Motor Brain- Multiverse
      4 – Hanted Spectre – Sharp Edges
      5 – Audiodidakt- The Dawn might Come
      6 – Audiodidakt- Little Bug
      7 -Necropsycho vs Sator Arepo vs Chromatec -Surrealismus
      8 – Dark Whisper- Sfera
      9 -Necro meets Necro -Skull Of Political

      MEntAl bOOm!

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