Clean Air Turbulence EP- LAB (reviewed by Psydog)








1. Ascendant stars 151BPM

..No need for introduction, track immediately starts with low volume kick/bass-line, skid effect orchestra hits emerging, kick/bass-line gets stronger from the depths and starts announcing one of the most destructive leads I’ve ever heard, it just scratches our mental cortex along with outstanding human voice samples, clean, deep atmospheres and synths all accompanied with real smart percussion sequences, the track is constantly evolving within itself with perfect metrics, exquisite panning effects/equalization and tuning, rising as Ascendant Stars on the horizon. The battle for the universe has begun and is taking no prisoners.. Get ready!

 2. Clean Air Turbulence  150 BPM

Once out there, captain for our ship announces tokens for the crew and to be alert since is looking for something.. a slower beat but with a horsey/breaky/punchy kick/ baseline takes over, voice samples and percussion start flowing as leads and synths make the journey darker and deeper.Percussion arrangements and bass-line are awesome. Once again and worth to mention, perfect panning/equalization,effects and metrics, bass-line changes to a constant line and goa spirit is on the air..bass breaks again and particles of sound are left behind as we travel, synths starts throwing massive accord notes and you can feel the 2main leads creating harmony  and chaos at the same time, short breaks/pauses give a little breath before the synths take over completely, screaming that the only way out of here is taking a wild ride through the massive spaces on the Clean Air Turbulence!

 3. Consider Phlebas 151BPM

All the crew of the Clear Air Turbulence have been killed and sounds of desolation and uncertainty feed the atmosphere. Those voices in my head again.. horsey/breaky/punchy  kick/bassline and samples together with great effects and synths brings the last chapter of the trip. Main lead starts digging into our brains slowly and bass-line gets constant and stronger with all frequencies until  simply exploding into a mental trauma. Track is intense and full of power.Those two leads smartly combined and the different baseline changes and perfect tuning/metrics between all sound layers gives harmony to the conclusion of the track and EP. The end is here but we have died with a smile in our faces. Would you Consider Phlebas by any chance?

Favorite track is Ascendant stars.

Another clever and solid musical production hard to see nowadays by universal icon psytrance artist LAB but this time along with the sign and transparency of top notch label DVSM Records. Mastered by Colin Bennun. Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart.

A mental journey that can’t be missed.



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