Patterns II EP- Silent Horror (reviewed by Psydog)

Final artwork Patterns II



Before we engage engines on this twisted mental journey, I would like to thank DVSM Records, Alex and Jigar for taking me into consideration to write this review. All three tracks are perfectly composed in 8x intervals, including nice atmospheric introductions, great body/volume, fast aggressive leads/percussions and definitely cool conclusions as well.

1. Variables 152 BPM 
The track opens with a quick intro, imagine you swimming hopeless in the blackened seas of your mind… The variables and metrics applied to this sound layering are perfectly synchronized; the bass-line has perfect tune and body, massive kick. Beautiful destruction can be perceived from beyond. These main leads are simply exploding my brain cells as the track goes on. A little pause to hold your breath and then immerse yourself, we sink deeper and deeper, the surroundings and atmospheres will haunt you from beginning, magnificent! I feel like drowning in a liquid nightmare now. The smart percussions are arranged in great equalization with a really nice acoustic sounding. Different tuning changes on the bassline and the track evolution is lethal and vicious. You are on the shore, breathing again and this is just the beginning.

2. Pan’d Labyrinth 154 BPM
Drums can be heard in the distance. Tribes gathered to unleash chaos. Emptiness fills the space, sci-fi effects on the leads, this time along with this panning effect that gives the track volume and a solid groove rhythm. A faster kick and beat this time. “The ghosts in the darkness have come”, the turbulent bassline, the shaking ground, those fading voices, the aggressive leads, damn this is strong! Outstanding audio sampling and production. There is a “passive aggressive” feeling throughout the entire track though, then it evolves with harmonic synth arrangements/chords and superb sound layering, giving this sensation of deepness. Soul awakening… Find yourself in the Pan’d Labyrinth, forgotten rituals which you can’t escape.

3. Atomic Structures 155 BPM
What are these creatures standing in front of us? Enormous beings screaming and crawling their path into the mist. Fast and clean leads well accompanied just hitting straight in the face. Percussions are awesome again, specifically the snare; it has this thrilling metallic reverb effect… AAH I am really digging this. Atmospheres are heavier and thicker. It has a driving bassline like previous tracks. Perfect tuning and solid kick/body but suddenly, a little pause breaks into a beat fade out and bang!  Bassline changes into a slower, nastier punchy sequence of low voltage frequencies, earth quaking and breaking apart, bursting fires rising; skies are red and my eyes burn, holy smokes… Atomic Structures are extremely dangerous indeed.

All three tracks are favorites. The artist’s musical perspective is solid, powerful and unique. Dark psychedelic trance in its purest form.

It is really inspiring to know that there are still labels interested in releasing serious darkpsy tunes instead of the usual “happy crappy techy” bullshit that’s released nowadays by many labels just to make a dime and forgetting the true dark values in musical creation terms.  This EP will be a key point in my DJ sets, you can bet on that.

Keep it real, Darkness prevails!

You can purchase this digital piece of artwork directly from the label here:

Mastered by Dark Elf

Artwork by Rusty Psyflyart

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