Dia De Los Muertos V/A Deviant Force Records (Reviewed by Psydog)


Before going deeper into this darkpsy realm, my sincere thanks and best wishes goes to Mutaro and the deviants for giving me the opportunity of throwing another musical review on line but this time, for Deviant Force Records. The precise and unique graphics design for the cd artwork, the well elaborated mastering and the artist selection are features worth to mention from this 11 track compilation.  So here we go..

1. Gu – Watch that man 150 BPM

Good track for opening this compilation. Track is filled up with progressive classy psychedelic leads and sparkling crispy sounds. Nice voice samples, sound effects and conclusion.

2. Kulu Vs Confo vs Paul Karma –Goa Shadows 150BPM

Passive track with forest elements and circular main leads, not quite impressed by this one but nice short breaks on the 32 beat intervals though.

3. Chromatec – Dia De Los Muertos 152BPM

Nice intro with a solid hard kick and driving tuned clear bass-line.  Human voice samples perfectly arranged with reverbecho effects giving the track this feeling of deepness, smart mental leads constantly changing with professional equalization and panning, clean percussions are characteristics from this track. Can’t wait to hear a whole album from this original artist!

4. Zik Vs Lab – As Much As Possible 150BPM

Wicked intro like a mental screw driver twitching nodes into your brain, dry kick and punchy bass line turning into a consecutive sequence, rich percussion layering, metallic/crispy sci-fi leads and atmospheres, completely creative evolving with each other as the track goes on.  This artist combination is very genuine and clever got to say that.

5. Claw – Te Quiero Puta  146BPM

Very suggestive title for worldwide psytrance icon The Claw. With hundreds of releases on his back and a vast production background, track starts with slow break beat drums, full of power and echoing hardly in your ears. The bass line, kicks, atmospheres and sound layering equalization are superb letting us know how creative and original his music can be. Killer snare and hi-hat sequence, just fucking love it. Different bass-line tuning changes on the 64 bit intervals, gives this track solid orientation, nice flow and lot of groove. We all know his signature leads, synths and samples, simply awesome! “Tee.. Quiieeroo.. Puuuutaaaa..!!

6.Silent Horror Vs Fuzulu  – The Eye 150BPM

A portal from a parallel blackened dimension has been opened, the ancient spirits are crawling out and obscurity fills the empty spaces. The eye in the sky is watching you now and there is no escape from it. Sick and dimming tune bass-line, dark intelligent leads digging and craving deep into the metal cortex, nasty percussion sequences and harmonic synth arrangements make this track a dance floor massive nuclear bomb.  Outstanding collaboration!

7. Phobos Azazel – Existing 155BPM

Now you have entered the ritual and the tribe shaman speaks your name in tongues.  Human voice samples with reverb effects along with this circular lead, introduces the track. Progressive percussion sequences with beautiful equalization are the highlights from this track. Constant bass-line and kick, clean destructive leads talking to each other while the track reaches its climax. Personally, is incredible listening new production from this artist at a higher BPM not the usual 148bpm from recent previous releases, something I was looking forward a while ago? Yes indeed.

8. Mind Oscillation – Adaptation 151BPM

Overall a very good track got to say.  Accurate timing and metrics, loaded with sharp sci-fi crispy leads and very experimental breaks and changes. Tuned bass line and dry kick to keep it as real as possible, mission accomplished.

9. Hydropanic – Create The Future 150BPM

Punchy bass line and corrosive leads introduces track.  Sci-fi effects and great sound layering gives this sensation of traveling fast out of space, a low tune bass line which varies as the track reaches the conclusion.

10. Sator Arepo – Predicting The Future 156BPM

Introduction, body and conclusion for this track are strong so be careful, not scared. The different percussion sequences on hi-hats snares and cymbals, the variations on bass line tuning/notes and all the different approaches of sounds make this track my favorite from the compilation. Clear destructive massive leads perfectly synchronized with each other and great effects, the synth arrangements are clever and makes this track completely unpredictable from every view and chaotic to it’s most, you could not expect less from this mind shredder machine. Explicit dark psychedelic content goa heads!  Enjoy!

11. Rawar – The Initiation 158BPM

Last but never least here comes The Initiation. Track is full of crazy leads, different tuning on bass-line, I feel the kick is not that clear but recognizable. Sparkling bubbling sounds, cool atmospheres and voice samples are present in this track as well.

To conclude my thoughts on this mental journey, this is a must have piece for every serious darkpsy collector, not for the mainstream hi techy bullshit parody.

Compiled by Mutaro, mastered by Dark Elf and artwork by Ayalien I invite you to join “Los Muertos” and dance like there is no tomorrow. Dark prevails! See you in the pit!


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