D E E P  M E N T A L  (DJ)

Loyal disciple to the Darkpsy movement since early years and first to join the crew in 2015. His sets are always loaded with strong bass lines, solid kicks and sound layers with deep mental psychedelic content. Exquisite progressive, forest and darkpsy selection. A heavy goa journey that cannot be denied \m/.

Demo DJ set from Sebas Chinchilla coming soon….


D A R K O S  (DJ)

“Hey Bro you are the best! Can you teach to spin?”  Why not I said to myself and a solid friendship started immediately. After some DJing lessons to polish his technique and some underground performances to boost up his confidence, he finally joined the crew in 2016. His track selection is oldskool oriented, sick&dark, forest Psytrance with heavy basslines, massive sound layering creating and enjoyable dancefloor experience.  Isaac Padilla is the mind behind this project.

Welcome onboard kiddo..Demo DJ set from him soon..


? ? ? ?

Another sick mind is joining the crew very soon and new audio project on the works…. Stay tuned motherfuckez!

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  1. Liiiiindaaaa mi tata ust sab como es q es!!! Ahora lo veo para recibir el año como se debe y como tiene q ser con REALIDADES!!! BoooOoOoooOOoMmmM!!!

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