Psydog Music & Friends Presents: A Dark Summer 2-20-2016

Dark Summer Official Flyer

Aqui esta la info:

  • Cover: 5000 colones
  • Direccion: San Miguel, Turrucares de Alajuela 800 mts de le Represa del ICE. Parqueo privado, finca con piscina, banos y rancho. 30-45 minutos de San Jose. Facil acceso. Dancefloor estilo “open-air” en medio del bosque.
  • 3000 Watts Audio Profesional.
  • Decoprisma Arte.
  • Se permite el ingreso de bebidas alcoholicas y comida. Traiga para compartir.
  • Venta de bebidas.
  • Seguridad amigable, prohibido el ingreso de armas. Nos reservamos el derecho de admision. Evento exclusivo para tranceros.
  • DJs confirmados: Necrotetric, Darkos, Sebas y Psydog.
  • Disfrutaran diferentes estilos de psytrance, forest y darkpsy con  la mejor deco y systema de audio. El evento inicia a las 8:00pm.
  • Para informacion de los otros conciertos y actividades del evento, consultar directamente con el orgainzador en Facebook.

Lamentablemente no tendremos a el artista de decoracion por motivos personales, hemos rebajado la entrada a 5000 colones. Todo lo demas solidamente confirmado.

Gracias por el apoyo y la comprension gente, nos vemos en el dancefloor!

Dan B.

Respect to The Thin White Duke.


I still can remember the first time I heard your music, “let’s dance” you whispered to this little kid. Grew up, fell in love, got my heart broken, got it glued; learned about life and you were the reflection of myself. When I was down you put my feet back on the ground, when I was hi we flew through the purple liquid skies. You made me cried, you made me laughed and always found a warm hidden place in your absolutely beautiful lyrics. You are not going to be missed since you are living in the heart of all your fans; you are bound to the universe in an infinite song. Can’t wait to listen it!

Always remembered..

David Bowie (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016) Singer, songwriter, record producer, painter and actor.

New Year’s Eve Label Ritual 31-12-2015

musictasteGet in contact directly with me for more info.

Will say goodbye to this year with a straight dark blast to the mental cortex \m/

Let the new year bring whatever the fuck you want, happy holidays bitches!

1-04-2016 When you see random people dancing on the highway to your music, then you know you’re spinning right, what a fucking blast!

Dan B.

Psydog DJ Set December 19th, 2015


santaPsydog DJ set from 1.30 to 3.30am

Dance like nobody is watching….Cya on the dancefloor!

12-22-2015. Thanks everyone for the support! I hope you enjoyed it, played only one hour since the bar owner stopped the event earlier like a little bitch. Some people is full of shit but there’s nothing I can do about it. Darkness Prevails \m/